Angela's aim is to provide a caring and supportive enviroment where you will feel happy to talk and share your story.


whilst you are with Angela there will be time and the oppurtunity for reflection. This will bring forth a deep sense of understanding of 'You' and will also bring the oppurtunity for transformation.


Angela qualified as a Homœopath in 1992.  For many years prior to this Angela worked within the National Health Service as a Nurse, providing assistance for people with learning difficulties and challenging behavior.    


Angela's belief is that every child and adult has the right to achieve optimum health without the use of drugs when ever possible.


Since training in Homœopathy Angela has studied with the Edward Bach Foundation and is a Registered Bach flower Practitioner for People and Animals.


Angela also has distinguished qualification as a ProFemme Practitioner thus enabling a deep understanding and knowledge of Women's Health issues.


In 2011 Angela received Diploma in Biochemic Medicine and so is able to address any residing Mineral deficiency, thus aproaching health without the crude introduction offered by many 'over the counter' preparations .


Angela later gained a Diploma in Ear Candling and Lymphatic Face Massage.

This therapy combined with Homœopathy has been instrumental in reversing many cases of 'glue ear' in children and the resulting hearing loss.


Angela is a Registered Member of the Association of Natural Medicine and of the Edward Bach foundation.


All clinics are held at Angela's home in Marnhull. North Dorset.


Enquiries for telephone consultations and information regarding home visits are welcome. 


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                                                  More About Angela Young


Angela is a native of North Dorset and finds it an extreme honour to carry out the work she so dearly loves within this beautiful County.


Angela takes great pleasure in spending time with her two sons, daughter and grandchildren and enjoys watching each of these new little people grow into their 'own'.


Angela lives along side her son Sam, her three Maine Coon Cats and her little dog Bertrum (and Bertrums little dog friend Peggy).








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