Angela uses the Bach flower system of treatment to restore a sense of emotional balance and harmony.The Bach remedies are essential in times of stress and work very gently whilst healing trauma, fear, phobias, anger, resentment, sadness, grief and other troubling emotions. Long term benefits include increased confidence, clarity of thought, peacefulness, energy,motivation and renewed zest for life.


Bach flower remedies are safe for everyone to use including pregnant women and small babies.


There are 38 Bach flower remedies. These are categorised into seven different groups:1) fear; (2) loneliness; (3) uncertainty; (4) lack of interest; (5) despondency and despair; (6) oversensitivity; (7) over concern for others.


A specific combination of remedies will be chosen by Angela, depending on your emotional needs.  


Angela's aim as a Bach practitioner is to identify with you the early signs of your emotional stress.This knowledge will bring a strong feeling of empowerment as you begin to confidently self prescribe and ‘nip in the bud’ any potential imbalance.   The outcome will be a healthier ‘you.’


Angela can also offer Bach Flowers to help children at her clinic Dorset.  Excessively demanding, irritable, moody, jealous, fearful, unmotivated, distracted, apprehensive, fearful, hyperactive make up the list of conditions treated.        




An initial consultation usually lasts up to an hour and a half, follow-up consultations may be needed, which tend to be shorter.                                                                                                                                           You will be encouraged to talk about the issues or concerns which you are currently facing in your life and together determine the underlying cause of any disharmony.  


A remedy bottle will be prepared for you, selecting a combination of anything up to six Bach flower essences. This is usually topped up with mineral water and alcohol to preserve the contents.

You will be advised on how to take your remedy, this should last for four weeks.  It is advised at this point to contact Angela to review your symptoms.  




Testimonial-  'I first started using the flower remedies successfully for my children.  In the last 10 years under direction of my Homœopath Angela Young I have learnt to use them frequently. I am always surprised how well they work, and how they compliment homeopathic remedies,they seem to work in an adjacent space and frequency in a very neat way. I would encourage anyone who is interested, to find out more about them’. P.W.P Shaftesbury. Dorset area.




  “We are set free if we set others free, for it is only by  example we can teach"    


 Dr Edward Bach,