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                               DShom- Diploma School of Homœopathy



                             BFRP- Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner


                    BFRAP-  Bach Foundation Registered Animal Practitioner



                          RMANM- Registered Member of the Association

                                                 of Natural Medicine



                        Diploma of Clinical Science of Biochemic Medicine



                     ProFemme Practitioner- Specialising in Woman's Health



                                             Diploma in Ear candling



 The School of Homœopathy is known for offering the highest educational standards within Homœopathy worldwide



Angela is a registered member of the BACH FOUNDATION. The BFRP says 'Registration is conditional on the applicant's agreeing to respect the completeness and simplicity of Dr Bach's system and work under the Bach Foundation Code of Practice. In particular, registered practitioners undertake only to select remedies using the simple consultation methods used by Dr Bach, and to present the 38 remedies as a complete system’.  

(Bach foundation website).



RMANM-  Registered Member of the Association of Natural Medicine was established in 1983 by a group of friends and colleagues with a common interest  and enthusiasm for complementary medicine. Together they aimed to promote interest in the use of natural medicine through education, by offering quality courses, supporting registered practitioners and supplying a forum for debate.



The ANM (Association of Natural Medicine) later achieved charity status and is conscious of its responsibility to the public, its members and the standing of all complementary therapies and act as an umbrella organisation, giving support and education in a broad range of therapies and maintaining a register of practitioners in whom we are confident to make referrals to the general public.

 (ANM website)



The Institute of Biochemic Medicine (Asia- pacific). The German association of biochemistry according to Dr. W.H.Schussler



                                                  And a little more...  


Thirty years ago Angela decided to adopt two young children with

Downs syndrome- Paul and Sam.  


    Angela is able to provide a unique and much needed service within her Homoeopathic and Bach Flower Remedy practice whilst understanding        

                                the complexities facing such vulnerable people.




If you are curious and want to learn more about Angela Young and her treatments,  then email [email protected]


                             Mobile 07933715941