Angela's approach to maintaining and restoring health includes the use of Biochemic medicine.

The Biochemic medicine is also known as Biochemic Tiissue Salts, Tissue Salts or Cell Salts.


Dr.Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler a Nineteenth century German Physician and Homœopath

understood that the human body was made up of twelve inorganic substances or cell salts

each of which had a very specific function within the body.


Dr.Schuessler recognised that a perfect balance of these salts was needed to maintain the body’s cells health thus keeping the systems of the body functioning. If there was any deficiency in any cell salt the delicate balance would be upset and the result would be ill health.


Dr. Schuessler saw the cell salts as the body’s builders and the organic substances as the

building blocks and was greatly influenced by Rudolf Virchow the founder of Cellular Pathology who believed that all disease originated in cells and that illness was based upon a change in function or condition of cells within the body.


Dr. Schuessler concluded that a micro-dose of a particular cell salt would encourage the body to produce the same salt and so heal itself. Schuessler believed that these salts worked because went right down to the cell level and stimulated the production of whatever was deficient .


Dr. Schuessler believed that a Mineral deficiency could be read by looking at various characteristic of the persons face. Later Kurt Hickethier an avid follower of Dr. Schuessler

continued Schuessler’s work and from 1910 onwards researched facial diagnostics in connection with health conditions.


Angela uses Facial Diagnosis along with a general case history. This approach plays a very important part in creating a prescription for cell salts and proofs to be very accurate tool.





Biochemic Medicine